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Available Works

Original Art:    View gallery.  To purchase, please contact Sarah.

Limited Edition Prints:  These are framed photographic prints of an original Sarah Brill wall panel. Edition limited to a maximum of 25.  View gallery. To purchase, please contact Sarah.

Sculptures Gallery

Sarah’s sculptures are designed to enhance any garden, its surrounding landscape and architecture. Many are kinetic, motivated by the wind. She believes that beauty lies in graceful movement. Stainless steel, aluminium, copper and tactile natural materials are chosen to survive the elements. Their combination creates dynamic forms to reflect their natural settings. Sarah’s smaller sculptures were originally designed to be placed in the garden, but also look fabulous situated in foyers, courtyards and decked areas. View gallery.

Wall Reliefs & Abstract Wall Reliefs Galleries

Sarah’s wall works are created to adorn both interior and exterior walls. Panels are coated with industrial lacquer to ensure their longevity both indoor and outdoors. Each design is original. Aluminium, oil-based ink and copper are employed to generate an innovative style of artwork.
View Wall Reliefs gallery     and    View Abstract Wall Reliefs gallery

Etched Prints Gallery

1/1 original prints created for the 100x100 Exhibition held at the Poi Room, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. Ink on paper with copper stitched onto the paper. View gallery